Online subscriptions are getting more popular each day. HelloFresh, Netflix and Spotify are great examples. Mempay offers companies the opportunity to easily sell subscriptions to their consumer. We make sure that your subscription will be paid on time, so that the company doesn't have to worry and neither do you!

Always enough in stock

Nothing is more inconvienent than finding out your out of stock. By subscribing to a subscription, you'll always have enough products in stock.


No more strolling through the shopping streets, but receiving your products automatically every month. That's easy!

Nice surprise

Nothing is more fun than relaxing after a long week. Subscriptions make sure you can relax and have fun, because every delivery is a joy to receive.

Clear overview

You know exactly what you've spend on your subscription and products. This will give you a clear overview expense.

Frequently asked

Mempay is an online subscription platform. We enable our customers to offer subscriptions based on products or services. The Mempay platform ensures the consumer that the payment will be handled correctly and changes within the subscription are processed correctly. 

Besides managing your subscription, we also make sure a payment is done succesfully. If a recurring payment via for example SEPA direct debit fails, we will inform you via SMS, e-mail or post. 

A subscription means that you've agreed with the subscription terms. This means you've accepted auto supplies for a fixed amount per frequency. 

Every Mempay client offers a 'My account' environment. Here you can cancel your subscription. If our client doesn't offer this feature, you can sent them an e-mail with the request to cancel the subscription for you. Remember to always ask for confirmation of cancellation. 

You can pause your subscription by sending an e-mail our client or logging in to the 'My account' environment on the website of our client. 

Depending on your recurrent type (weekly, monthly, yearly) we deduct the amount of your subscription from your bankaccount, equal to the day of delivery. 

The payment and reminder could have crossed each other. This could be the reason why you've received a reminder. Please contact Mempay if this happens. It is also a possibility that you've transferred a different amount or used another bank account number than we've communicated.

If a direct debit fails, we will sent you a first reminder via e-mail. The payment deadline will be within 14 days. If you don't pay within the 14 days, you will receive a second reminder. It is possible that we will charge a penalty. Eventually if you don't pay within 30 days, we will transfer the total amount to a debt collection agency. 

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